Friday, January 8, 2010

Two Horns and a Sarah

There are just some things that strike a nerve with me, like hearing a bunch of trash come out of the mouths of Arkansas Razorback fans after my Longhorns lost last night. You'd think it was the Razorbacks that played in the title game last night. But no, living vicariously through another team because theirs isn't good enough, I get to hear all of this riff-raff which tires me.

Enough about that. :)

Like I was saying before, there are some things that just strike a nerve with me. Sarah Palin is someone I really admire. I have to admit I hadn't heard of her before John McCain picked her to be his running mate for his unsuccessful 2008 Presidential bid. But seeing her the night she delivered her speech at the RNC opened my eyes. I saw someone beautiful and strong, capable and genuine - a woman unafraid of who she was and willing to accept the role she had been chosen for. I was a fan from that night. And I'm a bigger fan now than I was then. I have not EVER seen any political figure treated the way she's been treated by the media and never imagined that I ever would. Not surprisingly though, despite the vicious and unwarranted attacks upon her and her family, she's still standing tall and continues to gain popularity.

Remember those 11 AP journalists that were commissioned to scour her book (yes I bought it and am reading it, unlike my lib friends who criticize without reading) to find all of those wild inconsistencies? I do. Do you remember the HUGE press conference that was assembled to reveal their findings? I don't. For all of you that are awake, you know there wasn't one. There was no announcement because the AP and the leftist media doesn't have the stones to admit that they're wrong about Sarah. She's the anti-Obama and for as much energy as they've devoted to making their man they've devoted an equal amount of energy to destroy her. Too bad the attacks haven't worked and instead are having an unintended effect - they're making her stronger and more popular among Independents and undecideds. I heard a saying once that certainly illustrates this point - liberalism accomplishes the opposite of what it intends.

Speaking of which, I came across a great article written by a "recovering liberal" called "The Wilding of Sarah Palin". It's a great read...not a long article but really well-written, thoughtful and introspective. Give it a'll be better for it.

Oh by the way, Hook 'Em!