Monday, June 8, 2009

Back in the Game!

Goodness, it's been too long since my last post. My apologies for being away for so long. There's SO much I want to talk about. So let's see...where do I start...

Blogging award from my good friend Danielle
- Okay so I think back in May 18th I got a note saying that I had received an award from her for my blogging exploits. I have to say I'm honored. Just as a point of reference, Danielle and I were like brother and sister in high school back in Houston. She's a tremendously smart, warm, gifted, lovely person and I was honored to get to share the stage with her to accept the school's highest honor at the time, the Timothy Award. I believe the year we received that award, was the first year the school gave that award out. All of that to say, anytime I could get recognized by a dear friend like her, I'm honored to be mentioned in such a way. Thanks Danielle for the shout out. I wish I were more prolific with my blog posts like you are. I'm gonna have to work on that.

American Idol Results
- So I may be opening a can of worms with this but here I go. You know, I thought it was interesting that Kris Allen won. I'm certainly glad he did. Do I think he's as vocally talented as Adam Lambert, no. At the same time, I think the vote crystallizes a couple of things at least. For one, there can be no on-going legitimate argument that AI is just a singing contest, like the judges, particularly Randy Jackson commonly stated during his critiques of the contestants. The people watching AI, while certainly evaluating vocal talent, use other criteria to judge who deserves their vote. Which leads to my 2nd point. I think the vote in a way was a statement. I think the people that voted wanted to make a statement with the way they decided to vote. You look at the two final contestants and they couldn't be more different. Look, I wanted Danny Gokey to win because my heart was won over from day one with him because of his incredible story as well as his talent. But honestly, I was happy that Kris won because I would prefer to give my vote to someone that embodied the type of person you'd be happy to see as the winner of American Idol - a young, clean-cut, small-town guy who leads worship at his church, newly married and very much in love with his wife, someone with strong roots to his community and loves his family. In other words, a guy that the majority of the people in this country identify with. All of this to say, I've heard that Adam is a super nice, good guy. I know there are questionable pictures of him kissing other guys on-line. My gut would tell me he's gay but I don't know that and that's not really the pressing issue. That particular subject will be it's own post at a later date - it (homosexuality) is deserving of intelligent, truthful and thoughtful discussion instead of the other way around which it seems we see a lot of, especially in evangelical Christian circles. Anyway, gay or not, Adam for me got on my nerves a little with all of the screaming. I don't prefer glam rock so that's what sealed my vote...or in Adam's case, my non-vote. I think he's still going to be successful and get to work on a lot of cool projects. It's going to be interesting to see the type of material Kris puts out. I hope they allow him some freedom and say in this initial album.

Obama's first 100 days
- Okay so for those of you that will read this, you probably know that this is going to be critical of President Obama's performance. So if you think reading this is going to make you mad, stop reading now. Now that that's done, on with the rest of this. You know, something that came to mind in thinking about all of this was something that both Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton mentioned previous to taking their respective roles in the Obama Presidency. They both stated that the office of POTUS was no place for on-the-job training. I think these first 100 days typified that sentiment. For all his charisma and charm, President Obama can't cover up his deficiencies...that is, of course, if you're willing to see them with eyes wide open. Well on second thought, if you believe what the MSM has to say about him, "he's above America, above the world even, he's sort of god." This is the kind of coverage he's getting in the face of such things like startling hypocrisy (i.e. calling on the nation's citizens to tighten their belts and make sacrifices while there are lavish White House parties featuring fare ranging from gourmet pizza flown in from St. Louis to Wagyu steak dinners; pledging to give all Americans 5 days to review the stimulus proposal before it passed only to have released it for public viewing after it was already signed into law), signing into law said package that will lead to the increasing of our national debt by 10 times w/in the next 10 years, undermining the security of our nation by allowing a sitting Speaker of the House question the validity of the CIA briefings they receive as well as going relatively silent on the targeting and killing of our enlisted soldiers by the hands of domestic terrorists, closing Gitmo without a true plan for what to do with those being released, declassifying documents regarding enhanced interrogation techniques (EIT) without releasing add'l documents that would bring to light the plots thwarted and lives saved, using EIT as a political device to continue to demonize the previous adminstration by going so far as to call EIT torture although it was ruled by the Supreme Court as legal and last but not least cozying up to despots like Daniel Ortega and Hugo Chavez. I will say this...I thought the way the Somali pirate situation was handled was one of his best moments. He didn't say much, if anything at all, and let his military do what they were trained to do. However, I do think his European tour was an invitation for all rogue states to test his mettle and we're going to see that play out specifically with North Korea and Iran. With Israel, they are going to challenge Obama regarding their right to defend themselves from some of the countries around them that are ongoing threats (i.e. Iran, Syria, Lebanon). It'll be interesting to see how he tries to placate both Israelis and their enemies. If rhetoric doesn't work (and it won't), what will he do then?

Brain-Challenged Moment of the Week
- I drowned my HTC Touch Diamond phone yesterday. WTH?! I couldn't find my phone for the life of me. I looked everywhere except in the pair of short I put in the washer. I wished I had thought to check that before turning on the washing machine. Thank you to those who offered support and advice yesterday. I am with Sprint and I have insurance so I went to the Sprint store here in B'ville and made a claim so a new replacement phone could be sent. It's being sent via UPS and should arrive here at the house either tomorrow, rather today (Tuesday) or tomorrow. I'm gonna have to manually input all of my contacts...something I had to do not that long ago because I upgraded my phone from a HTC Touch to a Touch Diamond but wasn't able to get my contacts transferred over to the new phone. Thankfully I saved a sheet of paper on which I wrote down all of my contacts and their information. So once I get this replacement model, I'll be back to inputting all of my contacts. The cool thing about all of this is that due to my "Sprint Preferred" status, I still have a discount that I can put towards a phone upgrade, which I could've used today but opted not to so I can upgrade into a Palm Pre when they're available and I have a job. It sounds geeky, but I am excited about that. It'll probably be another couple of months before the stars align on that one. In the meantime, I'm using Lisa's old LG flip phone. It's old but it'll do. She recently upgraded to the LG Rant and she loves it. She loves the slide-out QWERTY keyboard on it - she likes to rub it in my face that she can text better than I can. She's especially that I'm using her old phone and see just how far back in the dark ages she was. I'm sorry for neglecting your cell phone needs for so long sweets!

Cool Story of the Day - brought to you by Banana Republic
- Recently Lisa's mom was here (about a couple of weeks ago) and she took us all shopping. One of my favorite stores is Banana Republic and I got a bright red fitted polo and khaki shorts. Needless to say, I was pretty happy about that. Well I think I had worn the shirt once or twice when I noticed two light, apparently bleached spots on my lower left torso. The spots weren't that big, each of them probably about a millimeter or two in circumference. But still big enough to really bug me. So I decided I'd take the shirt back to the store and try to get a replacement. Mind you, I didn't have my receipt and the spots were probably caused by me somehow. Don't you know that they swapped out my stained shirt for a brand new one just like it? The lady that helped me did say that they didn't do that normally but decided to honor my request. So I thought it only fair to blog about my experience today and spread the word around about that BR store's exceptional customer service. For those of you local to the area, it's the store at Pinnacle Promenade Mall in South Rogers. They've found a loyal customer for life...that's for sure. So I'm gonna wear my new shirt tomorrow and tell my little story to whomever is willing to listen. I'm sure the store won't protest too much a little positive PR.

Well goodness, I've gone on long enough. Don't worry, I'll make my successive blog posts shorter and easier to get through. I just decided to put a few subjects in this one to get caught up on some things I've wanted to blog about. There are a couple of things coming from this blog post I'll expound on and make their own blog post stay tuned! You'll just have to find out what they are! :)

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